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The pursuit of Happiness

The pursuit of happiness

Ce jeudi, je devais faire une petite présentation en cours d’anglais et quoique je n’avais pas choisi le sujet, la proposition du prof m’a enchanté : « It was about Happiness ».

je vous laisse découvrir le texte de mon animation, dont j’ai pris beaucoup de plaisir en la préparant et la présentant…

He was lonely, left by his wife, chased out of his apartment. He should take care of his son, look for a job and sell medical machines to have money… He had all reasons to go into sadness… But Chris Gardner was happy. He had a dream, he was ambitious and he loves his son.


In the bus or train stations, I used to observe people faces. And only a few of them were smiling. I wondered why, and I think that we are all worried about our future, to forget enjoying our presents times.

In his book: Stop worrying and start live, Dale Carnegie describes some ways to cultivate a positive attitude that will bring happiness.

Here I’ll list some of them, like:

  • Fill our minds with thoughts of peace, health, courage and hope.
  • Never waste a minute thinking about people we don’t like —> never think to revenge.
  • Count the good things we have, not troubles.
  • Be simply our selves (not imitate others)
  • Let’s forget our unhappiness by trying to create joy for others: when we are good to others, we are best to ourselves.

In the end, I want to add that –personally- I feel happy when I’m traveling,

discovering new things, coming back to home (with my family)… and when I feel loved.

… What about you??

Safaa White

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